Monday, December 11, 2006

1 christmas present

I made my mom a pair of crocheted felted slippers,
here's before felting
top to bottom is 7.5 inches
toe to heel is 12.5 inches

here's the one I made for myself last yr or soon on top of the one above, it fits my sz 7 foot, I'm pretty sure the unfelted would fit Alberts big huge man feet..lolmine went thru the wash 3 times... I'm thinking this pair will have to be the same... maybe more??

as for other holiday knitting I don't think I'll get much done.. altho I did finish a scarf for Naiomi but that was a everyday scarf and she knew about it... it's a boucle yarn I got from Kate thru a swap and some eyelash I had in the stash... no pic, but it's varigated blue, big, fuzzy and squishy.. and she LOVES it!!

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Anonymous said...

I am slowly getting there with Chrissie knitting! I have one whole pair of socks to make..and a single sock to go with one already knitted..NOW I dont HAVE to finish up the single sock just yet if I dont have time..the person does have other things I am gonna give them.