Monday, December 04, 2006

one mitt done... 2 more to go

I finished one mitt..
I changed the chart just a tad..
by 3 rows widthwise, and the mitt is too tight.
I thought if I did the chart as it is it would be too loose.
If I would of thought it out more..
( like I did this morning after trying on the blocked mitt)
I should of just did the same chart just going down a needle size...
and in the finger part I had some trouble leaving enough slack in the yarn for stretch,
I ripped it apart a few times because my fingers were really cramped.
this last try was the best.

I am happy with the looks of the mitt just not to fit...
so I'll go down a needle size,
and use the same chart as in the pattern....

... and make 2 more mittens.
Thanks also for all the nice comments on the hat!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The mitten will look great once the whole tension thing is sorted out! Hope it turns out right the next time for you (nothing like having to reknit something more then once and still not being 100% happy with it)