Thursday, December 14, 2006

they never felted?!?!

I put the slippers thru the hot wash 4 times... and nothing happened!
ok well I shouldn't say nothing... they grew 1 inch in length!
did you hear me saying bad words?
I remember where I bought it from, littlebarn fibers, off of ebay but this was 2 yrs ago, before I knit Rogue. I can't remember the listing saying anything about superwash? I did the burn test and it's wool.
I'm lost? can you fiber ppl help me? could it be from the dye used?
I guess if I put elastic in the cuff Albert can wear them... and they'd probally be to big for him too??

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noricum said...

Frustrating! Have you tried either vinegar or baking soda instead of soap? (But not both at the same time! *grin*) It certainly could be one of those ones where the dye messes up the felting. How frustrating!