Monday, October 16, 2006

Knitting with Gramma

my mom asked me to knit a baby sweater for my cousins baby which she had a couple months ago... a little girl she named "Summer"
I went thru many online sites and none of the patterns said "knit me" so I went into the books upstairs, in one bag was some things I got after gramma died 2 yrs ago... inside was a little cardi that she had knit, but didn't get it sewn up. who knows maybe it was for me?? there is no date on the pattern book "No.162 Patons 2nd Easycare Book"
There's little scratch marks where gramma had marked off her rows. I'll sew up the cardi and give it to one of my girls when they have a little girl ( it's a varigated peach color).

I decided to make this for my little cousin.
I cast on this morning.

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Anonymous said...

oooh that baby cardi looks gorgeous! I am sure your girls will be so proud to put that one their daughters when they grow up and have them (in many...MANY years we hope!! lol)