Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've been knittin' wanna see??

some of these were made this past weekend.. it's amazing how much knitting you can do with so much time off!
first the 5 hour baby sweater.. girl version( takes way more than 5 hrs..lol)
some acrylic yarn.. and my own version of an attached hat .

and the back:

the Boy's version:

with red heart camo yarn

which is now done and each have cute little matching booties

the nostalgic lace sweater from Knit it.. made with red heart yarn sz 2

and a close up of the cute button.. I opted for one button instead of 5, after kniting all the lace I didn't want to mess with button holes..lol

some dish clothes this one and this one

a hat made with some of my handspun... llama plied with silk, yummy!

and some more hats with handspun.. navajo plied.. I love how the colors turned out in these!

must keep knitting.. the craft show is in about 1 1/2 months

and still no socks for socktober..

I might have to make some baby ones for the sale, so those will count right??


Anonymous said...

All that knitting looks gorgeous!!

oooh that red heart camo has me veeery interested!! Interested in doing a swap perhaps?

by the way I never got that lot of kool aid with the alpaca...


Dandy said...

yep we could swap... the camo colors are the blues like in the pic... there are greens and browns and the greys and white. We're going to the city on sun, so I could pick you up some then, if you tell me what kind you'd like?
Bummer on the kool aid? it's never been returned either?? Maybe it's held up in customs?