Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Dandy Little Bootie Pattern

A Dandy Little Bootie Pattern

aprox 4 inches in length

worsted weight yarn
4.5 mm needles
CO 32
K2, P2 across for 12 rows
K 12 sts, ( starting flap) k 8 turn
p8 sts turn
repeat p and k rows for 10 rows
ending with k row
p2tog, p4, p2tog
k across these 6 sts ( flap is completed)
working down side of flap, pick up 10sts, then knit the last 12. (28sts)
purl back picking up the other 10 sts on the other side of the flap, purling the sts to the end ( 50 sts)
knit next row, purl next row for 6 rows ending on a purl row
k 2tog, k 21, k2tog, k2togtbl, k21, k2togtbl
k 2tog, k 19, k2tog, k2togtbl, k19, k2togtbl
p 2tog, k 17, p2tog, p2togtbl, p17, p2togtbl
k 2tog, k 15, k2tog, k2togtbl, k15, k2togtbl
purl 17sts... then kitchener the seam tog... sew up the back of bootie.
make one more ;) duh.

I was looking online for a bigger bootie and couldn't find any I liked, loads of easy ones for preemie and newborn, but I wanted one to match the hat I made from worsted weight yarn.. I came up with this pattern.

Link to it, use it, sell the booties, or give them away.
If you find a mistake in the pattern please tell me, as the pattern was only tested by myeslf.


Katidids said...

These are to cute, I love how the ribbed cuff! Great Blog btw :)

Tessia_Lewis said...

on the second row above the purl 17...kitchener stitch it says p2tog, k17... I feel like you meant that entire row to be purl. am I right?

jennifer said...

i'm confused with the last part. It says to purl 17st is that because 17st is all I should have left over after decreasing?

AandMBoutique said...

These are so cute. What size are these. I am making them as a gift for a two month old. I'm afraid they may be too hot here in Florida. I was thinking about 6-12 which would fit her in October. Or are these more like socks. I have a fine yarn. Thanks for your pattern