Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am a winner!!

I signed up for the local radio stations "loyal listeners" club...
took a little survey and got a e-mail today.
here's what the e-mail said:

Congratulations Vicki!
You are the latest Loyal Listener Club Winner on FM Country CJVR!
Because you correctly guessed that the Top Selling Album of the Year at the CCMA Awards would be "The Legend of Johnny Cash" by Johnny Cash, you have won a copy of Adam Gregory's self-titled CD featuring "Get it On" and "She's So California."
Your CD will be mailed to you and should be arriving soon.
Enjoy your prize, Vicki, and thanks for being a Loyal Listener!
now I'm totally not a fan of Adam Gregory,
and would really like a CD of johnny cash instead,
But woo hoo!!
I love free things!!
Someones gonna get a cd for X-mas...lol
and the cool thing is I just signed up a couple days ago!!

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noricum said...

Winning is so much fun, isn't it? :)