Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whose Lace Is It Anyways??


It came today... I waited the 1/2 a block walk back to work then ripped that baby open!!
CJ, I totally love it!!!
Thanks So Much!!

1200 yrds of 100% wool from Yarn Place

looks to be a varigated... gold red purple... pretty!!

Leaf Lace Shawl from fiber trends

a bag handmade by CJ made from purple material with swirls on the outside and paisley on the inside.

( I showed the lady I work with and we must say you sew a VERY straight line...

ours are all wonky) lol

a cute little note book with a pen

some hand lotion

stitch markers and a cute little sheep clip

a chocolate wonka bar

( I haven't tried it yet, I wonder if there is a gold ticket inside?? ;))

and a cute little card with a cat and some yarn on the outside.

Thanks Again!!

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