Tuesday, June 27, 2006


well it's been over a week since we've brought the pacas home,
the first couple days I wanted to take them back.. boy oh boy was Uncle Buck giving us a run for our money, he kept wanting to jump the fence! and when he would so would Pebbles, Sierra is to tiny to jump... good thing too or there would be trouble.
He never jumped right out but jumped from the back pasture to the front, which is NOT where we wanted them at first. So we were told to tie him up till he settles... well this made it worse, he was stressing, called the ppl we got him from and they suggested tethering him... Hmmmm
now whether or not you think it's right to tether a alpaca or not, it worked for us, I'd rather have him tethered than jumping and getting hit on the road!!
Of course we'd like to let him just have loose in the pasture but not for a bit yet.
So we took the chain we have for the dogs and tethered him so he could graze.
put the water so he could reach it. and he settled down right away. Worked like a charm.
When he was jumping he'd go straight to the gate where we first brought them to when we got them home.. and he knew this, so he'd always go there luckly we caught him before he could go any further.
so now I have him tethered in that corner, under the trees with the pool close by too
for drinking, but he also likes to cool off in it!!
he doesn't get right in but puts his front legs in and splashes.. it's so adorable!!
I also gave him a hair cut last week too.
DJ held onto the lead and I cut as fast as I could, what a champ, Uncle Buck let me cut both sides!!! Now it's now pretty and he'd never win a show, but he's cooler and thats all that matters. I still need to take some more off around his neck and tidy up the rest of him.
Now I have 2 boxes of fleece to spin, so I started that today!
The girls are getting braver too and have started coming up to me for their pellets, not all the way up I have to put their buckets down a couple feet from me and they'll come up and eat, but I figure soon they'll come up! they are so adorable.
We also discovered thru another alpaca owner that they arn't "pacamas or llampacas"
they are "huarizos" (wa-ree-sos):
The Huarizo is a hybrid between an alpaca and a llama. As a hybrid, it is more resistant to the harsh climatic conditions of its habitat. Physically, Huarizos are coarser and robust, thus they resemble llamas more than they do alpacas. Huarizos have thicker hair than Huacayo alpacas and Suri alpacas. The fiber they produce is much coarser and inferior to alpaca fiber.
til next time....


Anonymous said...

Well I have learnt something new today..And since they say you learn something new each day I can now turn my brain off...lol

They are still cute. Hope you can handle the girls soon


Ladeewolf said...

Those are so neat, bet they will make good pets-wish I could get one-my hubby is iffy about angora rabbits and they are small, He would really be iffy about something that size. Still I might get an angora bunny someday. But I would rather have a sheep than a bunny. Have fun.

Stacey said...

they are the talk of the farm! everyone is quite enjoying them.