Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome home everyone!!

well here they are, thats Ducceti ( a 8 yr purebred male , who I call "Uncle Buck") on the left, the middle bum is Sierra and the right bum is Lady Pebbles ( they are both Alpaca llama cross, their mom's are llama and Uncle Buck is the dad the guy we got them from don't think they'll reproduce because they are crossed, like when you bred a horse and a donkey and get a mule... the mule can't reproduce.), the girls arn't very photogenic on there first day! The girls are a year old.

this is why uncle buck... look at those teeth, they need to be trimmed but can eat just fine as is too, and the fiber on him is SO long, I can't wait to give him a trim and spin it!!
here's a better pic of the girls, Sierra lying down.
Naiomi named Sierra, she's the smallest, we tried to get her to name it Blossom, which was her great great g'mas name but no go, Sierra is the grannies name also.

Lady Pebbles is DJ's little girl, Lady cuz she's a girl, and pebbles from what she leaves

Lady Pebbles.

we already had a bit of a prob, we came home and they had to "go " really bad so went just inside the gate, we were building them a pen in another spot... put them in after we were done and untied Uncle Buck... bad move... he jumped the fance to go in the other spot... I grabbed some oats and the lead rope, and went and caught him... he just had to go in the first spot... I got Albert to scoop some poop for them pen... got him back in there with the girls and tied him up again... I guess we have to keep him tied for a couple days and give them plenty of treats so they know this is home now.


Anonymous said...

ooooooh arent they just the cutest!! And I bet you are going to make a mint out of them (from what i have been told you can make 3 jumpers out of the fleece you get from one alpacca?)...


Stacey said...

You got them! Can't wait to see them!