Saturday, July 08, 2006

knitting ducetti

Well it's been a while hasn't it... I've been here just not posting. ;~S
I spun up a couple bobbins of Ducetti, our male alpaca, spins nicely and is so soft after a washing..I got aprox 346 yards of 2 ply, just a bit thicker than sock weight. Alberts nephew requested a sweater for they're baby coming in Dec so I found this free pattern altho I changed it a bit and am using stockinette stitch instead of garter, the garter stitch just wasn't doing it for me with the hand spun yarn.
Heres Naiomi modelling ?? it for you... she just had to get i the

The alpacas are ok... Ducetti insists on jumping so we are extending the fence up a couple feet...
what a bugger that is, not hard, but just a pain and a bit extra money.
The girls are fine.. I got the halter on Sierra this morning.. played a bit of tug of war with her before I got it on tho... , gave her a bit of a rub down and sweet talking and she calmed down right away, it is a bit to big for her tho, so it's coming off and will try it on Pebbles.. should fit her no prob... just have to catch her tho... Will have to wait until Albert comes home.. there's no way that I'll be able to hold her and put the halter on myself.. she's about twice the size as Sierra and will give me a run for my money. I ordered a smaller one for Sierra.. this one here is purple.. it's nice that it's adjustable, because her head so small, and I really don't think she'll grown any bigger.
Till next time...
(hopefully it won't be so long)

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Anonymous said...

oooh...I bet that baby cardi is going to be gorgeous!

Hope you got hold of Pebbles ok ;)