Thursday, March 02, 2006


Naiomi's Gr.2 class was reading the book Rumpelstiltskin, she asked her teacher if I could bring the spinning wheel so she could show the class how to spin... so yesterday I spent 1/2 an hour with the gr2's... we spent a bit of time talking about the wheel and wool and where it comes from .. then all the kids took a turn trying to spin, some really have a nack for it!! here's what they made:

it's not quite as dark as in the pic.. there's 68 yards of wooly goodness... I have plans on making maybe a neck warmer for their teacher( maybe as a yr end present or just becuz?!), Naiomi's spinning a bit extra, you know,just incase. ;~)

After leaving there I was in the mood to spin myself... which I haven't done in ages... so I did this:

168 yrds of 2 ply.. aprox sock yarn weight

and this:

272 yards of 2 ply, sock weight again... and do you see... this is the most balanced yarn I've EVER spun! no funky medusa things happening here.. this is right off the niddy noddy!

wanna see it up close??

here ya go:

itsn't it pretty??

I love it, DJ's claimed it for socks for herself.

(to bad she can't knit them

till next time...


Anonymous said...

LOVE the sock yarn!! GORGEOUS

I think making a scarf for the teacher is a good idea. Make it from the class as a thank you for letting them try spinning or something.

Lets hope you have managed to sway some kids out there in Canada to the yarn side ;)


Lynda said...

That is BEAUTIFUL yarn - I am amazed at the stuff you spinners spin - and this is the prettiest I've seen!!