Saturday, January 21, 2006

Go Team Canada!!!

Sorry I forgot to say in my last post, but THANK YOU so much for all the nice comments about my Rogue!!

I went ahead and joined the Yarn Harlots knitting olympics, I have great hopes of knitting Eris... now whether or know I get it done in the time, is another I'm actually quite worried about knitting it... well not so much the pattern, but trying to get it done in 16 days!

I finished my scarf for the HH scarf exchange.. Janie I'll get it out to you this week coming up and will post when I do... Kate your kool aid will be coming then too... I had to wait for a paycheck before I could send it... and I had to grab a couple more flavors that I didn't have in the cupboard.... while at the grocery store I noticed they now have NEON FOOD COLORING!! how cool that will be for dyeing yarn?? yup... freaking awsome!! I picked up 2 boxes!!

I decided to try my hand at beading last week too, here's what I made: I started by making daisy chain bracelets

cute huh??

I gifted the sheep one to my friend Trish.

She's the one who pushed my obession for fiber even further by teaching me to spin last

yep, Trish it's all your fault! and I thank you!!

The tension is a little wonky in the middle... but other than that not to bad for the first time... I'm waiting for some Delica beads from BC I bought on eBay, then I'd like to make a amulet bag.

I was playing with Hello Yarns generic mitt pattern tonight so far I have this:

this was supposed to be the palm... but I just noticed that I put the thumb hole on the wrong side and I don't want to rip it out... but you know it's all not bad... it being the wrong way will help me hide my name I tried to add ( in the bottom pic)

do you see it?? that kinda gloopy mess just about the ribbing?? If you turn your head to the left and squint a bit you can see it... it's another "my mitts, so who" plus it'll be inside my sleeve at that point, right? there will be a snow flake near the tip.. I'll take another pic when I get that far...

catchya later kiddies

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Cute sheep!!!