Friday, January 13, 2006

In the mean time...

So I went ahead and bought the pattern for Eris... (don't tell my mom, but it's for her B-day/Mothers day) I bought ( I know bad me, blew my resolution already, but the yarn is for a actual project not "just because", so it's the color grass from knitpicks I hope she likes the color... to find out what color she has the most of or wears the most... DJ, being as sneaky as can be, phoned there and said for a school project she needs to find out what color the ppl of her family wears the most, she also has the plan that she got a 94% for her project.. you know, just incase G'ma asks sneaky huh??

So in the mean time I joined the Happy Hooker Quick Wearable Exchange... I'm making one of "these", yeah I can't say which one, that'd wreck the suprise for my ;~) I started 3 of them and couldn't get into it... so I hope I finish #4! I should I love the color(s) and the pattern is pretty cool too!

So thats what I'm doing till my yarn comes

Till next time....

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Anonymous said...

Are you doing it in the cardigan or the jumper? I think the jumper looks lovely.

Man you are brave planning on doing this jumper for the knitters olympics!! I mean 16 days only to do it in!! But then its cooler there then it is here. I am not looking forward to knitting a cardigan in this heat! lol. Mind you it is going to be in cotton which will hopefully make it easier.