Monday, January 17, 2005

A question for all the knitters..

ok I checked my gauge on my sweater..
( and no I didn't make a swatch.. and now I see why I should have?!?!)
shame shame on me
but my gauge is about 3/4" off of what it should be.....
so now what??
do I keep going and give the sweater to DJ??
or do I take it apart and use bigger needles??
the pattern says to cast on 4.00mm needles then switch to 4.5mm
so should I maybe just use 4.5 then switch to 5mm??
I don't know what to do here...
help please


Anonymous said...

Yes I suggest frogging it. No point in keeping on going when the gauge is out. I have had to do that with several items I have started (with one I had almost finished the back before I gave in). And no like you I dont do tension squares (I never have). If your gauge is off making the cardi too small..Hang on let me look it up I can never remember it right. Ok here is what I have found
Count the stitches in one inch of knitting. If there are more stitches than there should be, change to larger size needles, not enough smaller sized needles.

Kezza said...

sorry i can't knit =( i wish i could! good luck with you sweater...

Dandy said...

well crap thats what I was afraid of.... darn it anyway.... good thing I checked it now and now when I had more of it done?!!?!??!?


ok there I feel much better now