Saturday, January 15, 2005

I needled to have a good time

red blue green 6 half mm
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I've been itching to make some knitting needles for a while now... since I seen that site about making them.... I went to the hardware store today and bought 3 sizes of doweling.... they will make sizes, 6 1/2 mm , 8mm and 10mm, the 8 and 10 will be perfect to use with the eyelash yarn....I wanted to make some for that because I hate using the longer store bought ones... so I'm making some about 10 inches long, the ones in the pic are the 6 1/2mm size and are 10 inches also... the blue and green ones are for DJ, and the red for Naiomi... BUT the blue comes off on the yarn!?!? I wanted to color it, but with what?? SO I used a blue perament marker... but it's not working?!?! Oh well try try again! DJ's making me a purple potholder as I type and will take a pic before I cast it off for her. The red didn't come off tho... I used a bingo dabber for that color... lol... I think I have to sand them a bit more tho... they seen still a bit too rough for the yarn, a few strands left on the needles, but other than that... SO cool!!! oh yeah I used macrame beads for the ends...

how cool they are!!


Anonymous said...

Oooooooh I love those needles! What did you put at the top of them? I have been meaning to make myself some for awhile. What did you use to make the point sharp? I want to make some double point ones. Also would love to try and see if I can make some circular ones.
A hint on the dying...Maybe food dye? Soak them in a food dye and water mix then let them dry?

Tifffany said...

I would pick up a can of clear spray paint and seal it all before you use them. Not only will it keep the color in but it will make it glossy and smooth. You can get a can at wally world for about 97 cents, imsmr