Monday, July 05, 2010


So we went and got another dog, Baylee is a mini dach X mini pom, so shes going to be a tiny little thing, her mom was 12 lbs and her dad just 4 lbs!!
here's their first meeting.
Mona really suprised me, when we first brought her home (July 1 2010) I let her sniff her pee pad and all she did was walk away, not interested in it at all.
so I grabbed Baylee and let Mona sniff her butt... no growl, tail wagging, she looked happy to have a little friend again.
Over the next couple days, we kept a eye on them... I gave Mona a couple peices of toast crust, Baylee went to get a little nibble, and I watched, Mona showed her a little teeth, she didn't back away... then a little growl, Baylee backed up immediatly and watched Mona eat the crust... that was probally the first time ever that Mona stood up for herself... Zoey was the alpha dog.
It's been so nice having a puppy again.
besides the getting up at night and the peeing in the house, altho both of those are getting better as the days go by.
the first night she was up 3 times and cried most of the night too.
I've been taking her water away about 8 or 9 at night and that really seemed to help... she's only been getting up to go outside once a night, and this morning she let me sleep in until 7am. Man was that ever nice!!
she loves to sleep all crazy.

Also LOVES to snuggle with you just before she falls asleep too.

till next time.....


Monika said...

That's one adorable puppy! :o)

Hepsi said...

Oh she's so cut!