Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Knittin'

Shawl knittin', gotta love it... the pattern is Annis from knitty
knit with knitpicks shimmer in baylou... LOVE this color, browns blues and greens!
The pattern says to use 5 and6 mm needles, I used 4.5 and 5.5mm, next time I'll still use the 6 for the cast on, it's a little tight even tho I cast on as loose as I could, it's a really great pattern even tho you start off casting on some 340ish sts!! OMG...I counted the sts 3 or 4 times just to make sure I had the right amount...lol
it needed a little bling
so I looked around etsy for a little inspiration
and came up with this:
and a close up:

kinda cute and super easy to make too!
and a pic of the nupps/detail.

I'm trying to knit this too
not that it's hard but it's boring as hell... I'm 2 inches into the second needle change and I'm bored... I will finish it tho.. hopefully this month and it'll be my june sweater!
for July I'm planning on making Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie... not that I do yoga... it's a nice cardi. I have some brown sheep cotton fleece yarn in pinecone.
till next time..

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Marianne S-M said...

Love the pin and the shawl!