Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Sweater, Hat and a Storm

I found a group on Ravelry that has a challenge of knitting a sweater a month in 2010.. since my stash is so large ---- I joined... and really living in Canada you can really use all the warm wooly sweaters you can!! here's my first one...Ditto, the yarn (briggs and little) was free so I splurged a bit on buttons... $10.50 on etsy.. and of course I can't totally follow a pattern all the way thru with out changing it... so I changed the yoke a bit... just adding 2 knit sts where there are purls and making the sleeves full length and added more buttons... I knit it at a slightly tighter gauge to get my size... I was a in~between size... .
I've bought so much yarn specifically for sweaters I'm planning on using that up before I buy and more! the next sweater is Drops 103-1, again with stash yarn.. this time a rose colored lopi and I even have buttons so this cardi will be absolutly free!! how awsome is that!!
Dj's been knitting too... see:
She has a bunch of Jamie Oliver books and watches his show all the time... and he wears this pink red and white hat... she searched Ravelry and actually found the pattern!! so she runs upstairs finds the yarn and whips out the needle size that the pattern says... a 8 mm... and casts on... she did most of the ribbing and I noticed that it was a bit HUGE, but it's ribbing right it'll pull in?? so I go to bed and she's up early the next morning knitting away, I check online about the needle size and it's wrong... she should be using a sz 6mm, she doesn't want to rip back since she was past the stranded work... it's wool so it'll felt.

see it's HUGE:

the only problem with felting it, is that the pink is lopi ( 1 ply) and the other is ??? and a 4 ply wool... it all felts at a different rate... it did shrink some what... the pink more than anything... it doesn't fit her anymore... it fits me tho and it'll be a great chore hat!!
here it is on my noggin':

covers my ears and is nice and cozy around my head!! Perfect for feeding the pacas and goats!!

We had quite a doozie of a snow storm here this past weekend... over 12 inches a couple days...
before the storm you could see the top of the BBQ....
we shoveled all weekend just to stay on top of it and today moms bf came and moved all the snow back and made a hill for Naiomi, she's pretty pumped about that!!

well I guess thats all for now... I'll see you in Feb when I'd done my next sweater!


Jane said...

A sweater a month - wow, that's ambitious! And I love your rationalization that 'stash is free'!

Suburban Hooker said...

Wow, a sweater a month....I can't stay off the computer long enough!! Good luck on that one!! Love the one you just finished, looks great on you. Love DJ's hat even if it is big, maybe you can felt it again?

I've left some sunshine for you on my blog, looks like you could use it to melt some of that snow!!