Tuesday, August 04, 2009

holy smokes... lookie at blogger now!!!

It's actually letting me post!!!
I've been busy all summer, with work and also running DJ into town for work too.
But I did find time to knit... and take in a fiberart showcase day Bigger, where I met Val in person... to bad we didn't actually get to talk more.
some of the knitting:
the yarn is what mom got for me from Hawaii, plus some extra since I didn't have enough... but it worked out ok anyways.

and Percy #2
for my Aunt Blanche.
I ran out of yarn the last 30 sts during the cast off... good thing for the reinforcement thread that came with!!

Gail aka Nightsongs , this one didn't take long to knit... I did run out of yarn for this one too, and bought a bit more from the dyer off of etsy.

and a baktus... I started this when it was about +12 the second week in July... the next day it turned out to be nice again!! lol...

I added a lacy diamond to the middle point.
there's more on all of these on my rav project page

and a goat picture...
Molly likes standing in the tub we have in the back...
her and Myrtle are both so fun to watch... esp during feeding... they butt head and even try to butt the alpacas... but you know they only can reach their knees and the pacas jump out of the way before anything even happens.

Lloyd loves the goats... and is always hanging out with them... maybe she was a goat in a former life?? lol
Well I better go before I jinx this and blogger eats my post again.
catchya later


Ariel said...

Your shawls are absolutely beautiful and the Molly's awfully cute too.

Anonymous said...

i just loooooooove your shawls!! they are gorgeous!! i really do have to make a Gail for myself. wondering if the 200g of 8ply will be enough? guessing not..lol

little miss Molly is so cute!! would love to see Lloyd hanging around with them ;)

tell blogger to be nice!! lol

Hepsi said...

Your shawls are charming and Molly is cute!=)

Thanks for your congratulations!