Sunday, June 21, 2009

a busy June...

for yrs now I've wanted goats...
a couple weeks ago on kijiji I found these 2 little pygmy girls
We picked them up last sunday.
Molly (cream ) & Myrtle (grey) have adjusted well and were coming up to us after a couple days.
The farm we got them from had them out and about with the other animals so when they got here they wanted to go out with the alpacas right away. too funny.
And the alpacas didn't know what to do with these little critters... they kept coming up to them in the pen, sniffing them and running away, then come back for another smell....
I think they are ok with them here now and maybe after another week we'll let them out and about.
Molly thinks the grass is greener on the other side.. so she sticks her head thru the fence and then her horns get stuck.
So we're thinking poor little Molly and go to help her... I think I can here her laughing as she gets out as soon as we get close to her.

"what you lookin' at??"

I wanted to knit a shawl.... so I found this easy pattern and some gifted yarn and knit this up in a few days:
I could of used a bit more yarn to make the ruffle wider but I think it worked out ok and I had only 2 yards left!!

wanting to try something a little harder just to see if I could, I've always had doubts about my shawl knitting ability,
I scowered Ravelry and found this shawl it uses one skein of sock yarn... perfect for a first "real" shawl I think.
it's a really crappy pic... it's actually light blues to just about black.
I had won it in a contest from
Shut up I'm counting.. super nice yarn but I didn't want to use it for socks.
I'm on the 4th repeat out of 7 and then the edging.... I like it!

till next time...


Val said...

Cute! And by the looks of the fortified pen they are mischievous little thing! Good luck in keeping them in!
Do they have fibre for spinning?

Ariel said...

The goats are adorable.

Happy shawl knitting!!!

Jane said...

Oh how cute! I'm knitting the Storm Cloud Shawl too, with some yummy handspun yarn that a great friend sent me! I have enough for a pretty good sized ruffle too I thin. I'd like to try that other shawl too and think I have just the sock yarn to make it with.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaw those goats are just gorgeous!! love their colour too..

and omg that blue/black shawl is gonna be sooooooooooooooooooooo nice when finished!! i love those sort of colours together.

the pinkie one is nice too :) got a close up pic of it for us? lol

Hepsi said...

The goats are so cute and the shawls look great!

Lupie said...

I love the Gail/ Nightsongs but can't seem to find the pattern.

aksunflour said...

love the new goats.

thanks for showing the shawl patterns- always good to see someone's take on them.

with more animals and work there is no time to blog in the summer anymore.