Monday, June 01, 2009

The best cat ever... RIP Suzie.

I got Suzie from the SPCA 13 yrs ago... she was a 4 month old kitten at the time... the lady said she wouldn't be good with kids and tried to get me to take another one but I wanted her.
She came home with me that day, thats when DJ was 2 and Naiomi wasn't even though of yet.
She moved out to the farm with us and has been on mouse patrol ever since.
she's even brought home rats and weasles.
this past winter she got so skinny... down to 4 lbs,
I know it probally wasn't good but didn't want to think of the worst just yet.
This weekend she stopped eatting. She went out for one last mouse hunt last night and I wasn't sure if she was coming back... but there she was sleeping at the top of the stairs in the morning.
barely moving, that was at 4 am, I tried to go back to sleep after that but couldn't... a while later, I went to pet her some more and told her that if she has to go it's ok.
I went and woke the kids up at 7:30 and she's still there... I decided to take her to Kelvington.
She didn't come home with me.
That was the longest, hardest drive I've ever done.
She was like one of the kids, I miss her so much already.
I love you Suzie.


sophanne said...

I am so sad with you.

noricum said...


Mitchypoo said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you and your families loss. She was so pretty. ((((hugs))))

Ariel said...


Megan said...

Big hugs to you. I'm so sorry.

Suburban Hooker said...

I'm sad with you!

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry Vicki :(

I know what its like to lose a furbaby.

BIGGEST hugs to you and the family. my thoughts are with you.

Jane said...

So sorry. I know how hard that must be and how much you will miss her.

aksunflour said...

oh how sad. such a loss. {{hugs}}