Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kate, just for you!

On Facebook, Kate asked for a update about the alpacas, here you go chicky:

I just took these pics today... it should be green outside .... but it's been so cold here the grass is just starting to sprout!
Buck and Pebbles:

Pebbles and her baby Lloyd:

and Sierra and Lucy:

as you can tell the crias are doing very well... even Lucy who gave us such a scare last yr.

I finally finished the tangled yoke this morning too! after fighting with the sleeves, DJ thought that maybe 3/4 sleeves would look good... but I don't care for them as I'm always cold and how on earth would 3/4 sleeves keep the bottom 1/4 of my arms warm?? lol...
but darn it looks good!

Lucy and LLoyd didn't want to get too close, I think it was the smell of unwashed Kauni yarn that really still smells quite alot like sheep. After DJ took the pic they both ran to their mommas!

Carrots our last angora.

and ebbie who we got from a friend at easter time... she's adorable and so friendly... but a older girl. Carrots likes her a whole buch too ;) hubba hubba

With today being mothers day DJ made brunch... what a spread ( I wish I took pics)

pancakes, scrambles eggs, 4 different cut up fruits, toast, bacon and she just about made hashbrowns too!! good thing Mom and Andy came over to help us eat it all. Because it was Moms B-day yesterday DJ also made a angel food cake with strawberries.


it was so good and I don't think I have to eat the rest of the day

till next time.


Suburban Hooker said...

Sounds like a lovely spread....good job DJ!!! Love your sweater and your alpacas, I'm quite envious you know!! Happy Mothers Day!!

Anonymous said...

the babies have grown up so much!!!

glad to see they are both healthy and that Lucy and her little butthole made it safely :)

i ended up full as a goog yesterday too. went to the evil BIL house and she fed us up real good..

oooh bunnies!! they are gorgeous :)

and DJ is a lucky girl that jumper is gorgeous!!

Ariel said...

The alpacas are so adorable, your sweater is beautiful, and the bunnies are just too cute. Thanks for the pictures!!

Linda said...

Your sweater is lovely!

Glad the babies and other livestock are looking so good.

Jane said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day. I love your sweater! Love the bunnies too!