Sunday, November 09, 2008

kitchen before and after

Hey there peeps... I was just taking pics of the kitchen to send to family and I don't think I showed it off to all of you... here's before:

and after:

it's not TOTALLY done but about 99%, just have to add some trim and paint and hang the door for the lazy susan, then it's finished... I love it! it's so bright and cheery it's great for a canadian winter... can't get the winter blues in there!

I've been knitting too... I knit 2 pairs of mitered mittens from EZ's Knitters Almanac

one pair with Noro #148 for me and another pair with sock yarn and lace mohair held together... I also knit a zig zag cowl for mom to match the mittens.

the cowl is a super fast

knit I finished it in 2 days... so if your looking for a fast gift, this is it!

not a good pic of the 2but the color is good... here's DJ with her bank robber cowl look:

since that was so fast, I started on a pair of mitts for mom's BF for X-mas too... I'm using my ginormous man mitten pattern and will post a pic when their done, since I never did get a pic of Alberts when I made them 2 yrs ago.

We still have no snow here ( knock on wood) and now that I said that there will be a foot of the white stuff fall over night... Hmmmm would that be so bad... I could call in a snow day... I never did get one last yr... I'm hoping that this yr I get at least

catchya later..


Yarn Devil said...

Your mitten's are beautiful! Love the Neckwarmer too... turned out very pretty!

Your kitchen does look bright and cheerful(it is green or just looks it?)! Always good in our winters... and yes... it seems snow should be just around the corner... the Rabbits are white, pure white! So, any day now... and yes.. around here not a matter of if it's a matter of When!


Crystal said...

I LOVE your kitchen! It turned out great! Maybe it will inspire me :)