Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fall knittings

I've been knitting some things for Polly:
Thrummed mittens for a 18 mth old... I'll post the pattern when I have time.

another pair of honeycomb mitts... I do love this pattern!! and can see MANY more pair like this one.
and a pair of thrummed mitts for an adult.... I wasn't to sure about how big to make the thrumms as this was the first time knitting this pattern... well I got up to the thumb and tried to put my hand in the cuff... and it wouldn't go!! lol... I ripped back to the cuff taking out all the thrum and ripping them in half... this seems to be the perfect size.. DJ asked me how many thrumms are in each mitt since I had to keep making them when I ran out of my little baggy full... so I asked her to count them... well in this pair there are aprox 483 thrums!!
there's just under 200 in the baby pair too!!

thats alot of thrumming!!

The first week of school has come and gone... the kids around here even had to start 2 days early... I'm not to sure why tho.

Dj is room rep again this yr along with 2 other girls, the teacher didn't want any hurt feeling by having a vote so all 3 got to be reps.. which will probally work out for the best anyways since each girl is in different activities and probally won't be able to make it to every meeting... She's also signed up for 3 sports and will be coaching gymnastics this yr too!

Naiomi is in the super school council again and represents her room, she has also signed up for a couple of noon hour sports tried out X-country and decided not to take it anymore... She's also in Hip Hop this yr too and will be an asst coach for the beginner gymnastics

it's a busy time of yr until we get some kind of schedual going!

Albert bought himself a bow for hunting this yr:
here he is trying it out... the first shot he missed the target all together, but did manage to kill a log!! lol

since I finished 4 pair of mitts I wanted a change.. I cast on for a cardi for Polly, basically my own design which will be very plain but spuer warm...l and after knitting the yoke for 2 days and really not getting anywhere I cast on for a cutsie little neck warmer, with a little bit of lace and cables...I knit a repeat on this when I get bored of the cardi.
good times...

till next time....

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Jane said...

Thrum mittens are on my todo list - I'll be looking forward to your pattern!
Beautiful girls!