Wednesday, August 13, 2008

broken countertop

so our countertop FINALLY came in... remember I ordered it

at the beginning of July, Albert been checking every week and a couple weeks ago the guy tells him " don't be surprized if it's broken when you get it."


he said the transport guys arn't careful with it and he's had to send some back...

so last night we open it and find this:

I'm not to sure what we're planning on doing now....really if you spend that much on a countertop and it's broken, it should go back, but it will also be covered by the stove, so I took a pic and will take it in for the guy to see... if we do decide to keep it I want a discount thats for sure!!!

in knitting news I finished the body of Feb Lady last night...

I thought I'd have enough yarn to make the sleeves both the same BUT I don't... I'm going to take the yarn apart matching the colors for each sleeve and cut it at the color changes, double it and knit it from there.... there will be loads of ends to tuck in after but at least they'll match!!

till next time...

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Jane said...

That's a shame - but if thestove will cover it it's probably easier to keep it - but definitely ask for a discount! It looks great!