Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I did it!!

I took a brave pill and gave Lloydyloo her needle.
Albert held her, but not tight enough the first time... she must of felt a little ppoke and jumped a bit... it kinda scared me... I didn't want to hurt her.
So I told him to hold her really tight so she couldn't wiggle.. and I pinched her skin and stuck the needle in... squeezed and let the skin go.
Done... it's easy after you've done it... it was just the thought of it... and I thought of it ALL DAY LONG!!
and you know just since the meds Dr. Rob gave her yesterday her face is clearing up a bit... it's not as crusty and not so puffy around her eyes.
She'll be just fine... and only 8 more days of needles.
And little Lucy Goosey.. what a character, after the first poke on LLoyd I felt a pinch on the back of my leg up by my butt... I yelled Ouch and turned around.. and theres that little face looking back at me like" what, I didn't do it!"
the little booger bit my butt!! she has such a personality.
She's also found a love for Alpaca ration... so much so we give her a little bit in her own pail...too cute.. they grow up so fast don't they??
Lloyd hasn't taken interest in it yet tho... but I'm sure she will soon.
in knitting news I'm just about done Bootie #2.
till next time...


Bea said...

I know how hard that first one is. We had to do allergy meds for Ozzy everyday for months. We now only have to do them once every six weeks or so, but that very first shot is really tough. I haven't convinced Chris that he wants to do it yet either. He figures I know how so I should do them every time.

I'm glad your Lloydyloo is feeling better.

noricum said...

I guess Lucy thought that the activity of the day was to give each other little pinches? ;) What goes around, comes around? ;)

Angela said...

I love your stories about the alpacas. They are so cute. Do you think your friend, Hepsi, would mind if you posted her baby bootie pattern in English? Or do you know where I can find it? I'm always looking for cute baby patterns. email: angmil@charter.net

sasksak said...

well done vicki!
and how nice to see results so soon. Glad you like the lloydyloo=)
How did they fair in that crazy-go-nuts storm?