Friday, July 11, 2008

booties, socks and a storm

I finished the booties last night... what a cute little pair!
Next time I'll use a slightly bigger needle tho. they're only 7.5 cm long..
The Pattern is designed by Brita Svartström.

After I finished the breeze socks last week, DJ mentioned that she wanted some too, I wasn't too keen on knitting breeze again so soon so I made up this pattern for her socks. They're anklets ( of course) with arch support!
I'm calling the pattern "Cunningham"
after the Happy Days show.
Archie Cunningham
Arch Support
get it... lol
yep I'm all full of funny today.. not.
I'm planning on knitting it once more ( for Naiomi) and write out the pattern better than just some notes then I'll post it.
Does anyone want to test it for me?
Yesterday there was one heck of a storm... in 20 mins there was over 1 inch of rain and marble sized hail.... and we had it good... south west of us had a tornado! Unfortunatly a family lost their house and some grain bins.
I haven't heard as of yet if anyone was hurt.
my thoughts are with the Brooks family!
till next time...


aksunflour said...

I will test your pattern out for you.

Cute booties.

Hepsi said...

Oh, your booties is so cute!

I am back at home and a little tired of travelling. But I had a great time and bought some lovely yarns...