Tuesday, May 13, 2008

thank you, thank you, thank you!!

firstly I had won a blog contest over here at Crystals... look at the loot I got:
2 skeins of Maizy ( 82% corn fiber 18% elastic nylon)
the colors are fabulous!! blue, green and purple!!
a pen and paper set, in DJ's school colors... so you know I might loose this one to her ;)
and the cutest little stitch markers... one has a toque on the bottom and another has a snowflake.... perfect for a canuck!!
Thank so much Crystal!!

my swap from the Spring Fling coffee ad yarn swap came today too!!!
Becky thought of everyone in the house!!
starting from the top box...
chocolate chip biscotti
handmade dog bones for the dogs
a cat toy,
2 tape measures,
Jitterbug Yarn in the marble 88 colorway....
a gnome pick ( so adorable!!!)
2 skeins of silky wool elsebeth lavold one pink and one a light coffee color!
stitch markers, some with butterflies , some with flowers.... pretty!
a plastic TV hideout for the mice. they love it btw ;)
coffee of course
fair trade coffee from Ethiopia "Sidamo" will try this out tomorrow morning!!
and a card game called Space Beans...
I laughed when I read that...
I thought of the muppet show, remember that little skit "pigs in space"...lol

Thank you so much ladies!!!

this was the best mail day in a very long time


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sara said...

ooo! That's what I call a good mail day!