Monday, May 26, 2008

and Lucy is her name-o!

Thanks for all the name suggestions...

but we picked Lucy... it just seems to suit her to a "t"!!

she's such a dainty little girl.. but also all full of spunk.

When I went into the barn last night at 10 to try and give her a bit of a bottle, she fought it off like a trooper... when we did this with Lloyd, we realized that he was full and didn't need the bottle.

We checked Sierra and yeppers she's full of milk!!

so after that I just sat back, talked to them, got a bunch of little kisses from Lucy and watched her run around the barn... up and over the bales and on top of Sierra.. and on top of her head...

yeah she's full of spunk and milk!!

they both spent the day in the barn yesterday, as it rained just about all day and we had to go to the city for Stevens 1st B-day..

good times.. he loved that "action figure" I crocheted for him.

Chad ( my brother) said boys can't have dolls but they can have action
( I'll post a b-day pic when DJ comes home from school.. the pics are on her camera)
and look at this not even 48 hours old and she's already using the big girls poop

and poor LLoyd he's been waiting *all* of his life to play with another little alpaca and he's locked out... soon little man.. soon

they're both so full of energy it'll be so much fun just to sit and watch them running around together, I won't be able to get ANY knitting done, but that'll be ok.



sophanne said...

Lucy is a Grand Name.

Welcome to the planet Lucy.

Bea said...

Oh my she is so cute! And Lloyd too!

Anonymous said...

yay i am glad you liked the name Lucy..

she is soooooooo cute!!! and glad Sierra is supplying the goods for her :)

looooove that little "action figure" too!! lol so cute

Jane said...

Lucy is just adorable - and so is that action figure!