Sunday, March 09, 2008

it's officially a FO

*edit* Sweater

(which I quite like now... and the kids hate even more now since it's

I have to take Charlie to the vet tomorrow...

and the sweater is coming with me!

(he won't be going girl hunting any longer if you get my drift)


heres the inside of the pocket

see told ya it is crazy.. via 1970 or so... wild and crazy.. good thing it's only a pocket ;)

I found my kauni cardi this morning... ripped what I had done before..

and started over... I have 3 rows... and guess what... ( this is totally new for me)

I'm picking and throwing doing the colorwork!!

boy is it ever faster.. last time I threw them both

pick up yarn A, throw, put down yarn A

pick up yarnB, throw, put down yarn B

it even takes a long time to type it

can't believe I got done as much as I

remember to leave your guess for the contest.. only 1 day left!


Ariel said...

I don't think it's ugly at all, I'd wear it. :-)

Anonymous said...

i LIKE it!!!

1) its hooded
2) its striped (not that i wear stripes but i do like them)