Monday, February 25, 2008

what I've been up to

well I've stopped by now and then but didn't really say to much about anything knitty or fibery..
since I've got my drum carder I carded Pebbles fiber and spun it up... all I got from her is one huge skein....
thats from 2 yrs growth... next yr I'm sure I'll get one punie little skein... oh well... I'll have to save up if I want to get enough for a big project.
it is really soft so thats a bonus!!

during the weekend I took some time out to clean the craft room... took about 6 hours and it's still not really done... but on the up side I found a bunch of handspun yarns that I forgot about and since I didn't even remember they were there I added them to my etsy shop... and BONUS I already sold some of the skeins!
it's just a little incentive to add
I do have some pattern books, and some duplicate mags I want to add too.
I carded up some pink and black fiber today and added that as well... I won't add the pics here check them out in my shop.
as for the hat I've been trying to start... well it's been started 3 or 4 times... and the last one.. the ZeeBee hat was going great!!! BUT, I read the pattern after finishing the first repeat... and I would of only had enough yarn for 3/4 of the hat... can't keep my head warm with 3/4 of a hat thats for darn sure!!
I do have a plan tho... I remembered today during a walk with Mona( the dog) that I have some orange alpaca yarn that I got from Gretchen from my first coffee exchange... I'm thinking some kind of stranded hat?!?
as for the Ugly sweater... I'm not going to frog it... I'll keep going and hopefully it'll get done soonish... I'd like it for Spring... Fall maybe?? lol
OH, I keep seeing all my side bar stuff way at the bottom... is it like that for anyone else?? it jumped down there last week or maybe even the week before... bugs me something terrible!!
well blogger won't let me post anymore pictures... maybe I'll add them tomorrow...
see ya then..

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aksunflour said...

My sidebar stuff is where it is supposed to be.

Amazing stuff we find when the craft room is finally unearthed. My find was some plastic canvas kits (like I am going to be doing any of that any time soon!)

Love the yarns.