Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap and a hat..

Woo Hoo...Anne is hosting another coffee swap ...

good thing too...

I'm just about out of coffee ( Kris, it's SO good!!)

only because DJ has now found out the "Mmmmmmm factor" that coffee possesses

I try not to let her have much because she is 13... but every now and then she sneaks a cup.

Ooo, Oooo, Ooo

Kris, I did it I knit a hat from the yarn you sent....

check this out baby:

it just came to me last night so I sat down did a little chart and cast on!!

I'm calling it "Modesto"

I finished it just before midnight.

Just now, while talking to DJ this morning I looked across the room at her and you know what I saw??

yep, she's wearing her koolhaas hat... but can you see it??

see right in the middle... I didn't cross 3 of the sts....

they're just loops amoungst the cables... looks dumb.

me: I said to her DJ come here...

she comes over to my chair...

I rip the hat off of her head

me: holy crap do you see that???

DJ: see what?

me: I didn't cross some of the cables.

DJ: how the heck did you notice that??

me: because I knit it!!

I think it's gonna bug me all day!!

1 comment:

aksunflour said...

I had to look really hard to see what you were talking about!

The yellow/pink hat is way cool.