Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Kris it came today!!!!
all I can say is WOW!!!
and THANK YOU!!!
you totally outdid yourself....
I was speachless when I seen the pkg....
(photos and more when I get home from work..
thanks again!!

Later that day......

do you see the size of that box... I'm pretty sure I could squish Naiomi in it!!


did I get spoilt!!

ok lets start at the top left... the white and black tubes are wine tubes... those wine tubes are great storage... if not for yarn... maybe long knitting needles..... or Ooooo another idea just hit me... if you add a rivet to the top and you can use it to keep your yarns untangled when your doing color work??? Hows that for a lightbulb moment :)they were filled to the brim with the yarn... and oh the yarn... Cascade Yarn!!
one green ... one purple.. one chunky burgendy, and one chunky tweed... a darker pink.. the green one for sure is going to be cast on to be Koolhaas!!
the others... well I'm just going to pet then for awhile till I figure out what I want to knit with them. and then she went all out and bought me some yarn from see jayne knit!!! OMG.. NICE!!! in the "cafe au lait" colorway 70% merino 20% baby alpaca 10% silk... it's way to nice to knit with... I was going to knit socks...(and I still might) but who would want to wreck the yarn by wearing it on your feet?? mabye mitts?? Hmmmmm
the coffee is from Village Bakery Columbian Supremo blend... 1 lb... and then she sent another pound from starbucks!!
holy crap!!
Kris also sent peppermint mocha coffee creamer... sounds so yummy!!
unfortunatly it's getting late and if I whip up a little pot now I'll never sleep tonight so will try it out tomorrow!
those ice cream cones below are hot cocoa mix... complete with marshmallows!!
Oooo and there's bath salts (spiced cranberry) in the pyramid, the little notebook has a "V" on every page, which is perfect since the girls LOVE to take my notepads.. this way I'll know if they're taking any pages...lol
one huge mug with a snowman.. and adorable snowman creamer... but its handle broke on the way to canada, but nothing that a little crazy glue can't fix

a "book" of coffee and chocolate

loads of candy canes

( good thing spring is just around the corner!! I'll need to get out and loose some of the chocolate on my hips!!)

arn't these little buttons adorable???

and I was eyeing up those coffee bean stitch markers from see jayne knit too

good thing I didn't buy any then ;)

and a little flashing snowman!!!

and check this out a little snowman ornament with my name.... I can never find anything with my name spelt with a "I" it's usually a "y" or a "ie"

and one more ornament for the tree... how adorable it this:

( I hope I didn't forget anything )

Kris thanks SO much for everything!!!


Kris said...

Yay, I'm so glad you got it! Lol!
I couldn't resist throwing in the pink tweed. I felt I should send a little bit of me to Canada for you! Haha. I'm glad that you loved it though! And I hope you have enough goodies to sustain you for a while. ;)

Jane said...

Wow! I'd say you've been spoiled rotten! Love the idea for the wine tubes. And, oh my, what wonderful goodies!