Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rainbow socks

I’m making these toe-up on 68 sts, magic looping them all the way..

I found fruitychicks tut very helpful….

and after ripping back about 10 times to get the wrap and turns to work out I found a explaination »> «<>

I must say it’s awsome!!!

no holes at all…

I also attached a pic of how I set up my needles for the magic loop… fruitychick, tells what to do in here tut… but there’s not a good pic for magic loopers.

since I took the pics above I finished another section.... I like the looks of the sock... but boy oh boy is there ever ALOT of wrap and turning and purling... more than I like to do for a sock anyways... I will finish these socks just cuz they are so darn awsome! lol

all in all I’m happy with these socks!

1 comment:

Deb said...

I love the colours of your yarn!

I've only knit one pair of toe ups.
They're very comfy but I didn't like the process as much as cuff down. Hard to get an old dog to change. ;) Maybe I should try your method. It might make me change my tune.