Tuesday, January 29, 2008

holy crap I won!!!

checking my e-mails this morning I found one from Cass

I won her contest... I get to pick a skein of yarn from Lotus yarns!!!


I went and drooled a bit of the yarns she had and decided to choose something that I wouldn't normally pick...

I went with deep water

teals and blacks


Thanks a bunch Cass!!!

and last night I finished my pair?? of monkey socks

and the best part is .....not that I grew another foot for the 3rd sock it's...

that sock #3 matches sock #2!!!

next in line is Rainbow socks from magknits.


TricsH said...

Nice socks.. But when did you grow a third leg/foot????

Crystal said...

YAY! Congrats! I was just gong down my daily blog list and had gotten to Cass. I had to skip to you to congratulate you. And I love the yarn you picked out.

aksunflour said...

yeah on winning!
And I guess your story about socks reminds us all why it is best to cast on and knit the other sock right away- instead of waiting.