Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santa is creaping up on me...

and one day ( soon I believe) he's gonna jump out at me and go

"booga booga booga"

"I'm here and your NOT ready"

"na ne na ne boo hoo!!!!"

mean ole Santa!!

I've been so busy lately... work has been crazy when we don't have a order coming in to price and put out Marie( our boss) brings stuff, since we share between the 2 stores.

I have spinning just about completed for moms sweater, and I've started knitting too... I'm making the Mr. greenjeans cardi for her... I'm not to sure if I'll do the cables or maybe just ribbing at the bottom... if she just gets a partially made cardi and a promise to finish it for Xmas, I was planning on adding s lace trim at the bottom instead of the cables.... but we'll see...!?!?!?

I was looking at buttons from Cheri at Swept from the Sea from etsy... Cheri is great she has seaglass buttons... very cool!! They're bits of broken glass smoothed by the sand from the oceans.... Cheri spent a week e-mailing me back and foreth so I could find just the right button for the cardi. I finally chose the light green one under the big white one... she drilled the holes and it got to me with in the week!! I was SO tempted to buy some earrings for myself too, but I held back... maybe after X-mas.. ;)

I got a order for some mitts and a hat a couple weeks ago, but weather prevented me from getting to the city to get yarn until last sunday... I phoned the lady I'm making them for to get her daughters hand size... and then she says your making a hat mitts and scarf right??
NOPE... I told her she never said anything about a scarf too and I only bought enough for mitts and hat... she said it'll be fine... but maybe next time I go in I'll grab some more yarn and make the scarf after X-mas for her..

just a basic mitt pattern but instead of k2 p2 ribbing I opted to cable the knits every 3rd row.... I think it turned out pretty cute.

I've also been knitting some things for etsy too...

2 pairs of fingerless mitts made to fit a 7.5" palm

and a alpaca hat...

if your interested check them out.

Well I better go... hopefully I'll be here again before X-mas...


catchya later


Kris said...

Mean ol' Santa's going to be giving me the same spiel he's throwing at you. I don't think I'll ever be fully prepared for Christmas in time. Ever. :(

Miss Me said...

you're spinning yarn, too??? my goodness - talk about ambitious! although it is loverly looking... and so are the buttons... your mom will be thrilled, i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

That wool for your mums jumper is GORGEOUS!! and yes I think you picked the right buttons. They suit well

Good luck with the knitting. Looks like you put yourself in the same Evil Chrissie knitting boat as me! lol


ikkinlala said...

I love those buttons!

scappyhappy said...

Oh my Vicki...you are so inspirational with all your projects. I hope you have received your mitten package by now. I am so sorry I was late, butg I hope you will think it was worth the wait. Take care and have a wonderful warm holiday. Iva (your Mitten swap partner)