Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanks everyone for sharing your reno stories!!

They were great to read!

and the winner is..........

my blogless friend Stacy!!!

Stacy entered by e-mail since blogger was acting up that day..

and I bet you want to know what she had to say... well here it is

can’t seem to get my blogger password, so I’m sending my entry by email.

500! nice.
I'm always up for winning something knitting/spinning related so here goes.
In our house in town, my brother offered to replace the lino in the bathroom. This house was built in 1914.
Of course things never go smoothly. After he had ripped up the lino, he saw that the floor was rotten around the toilet. In fact the toilet had sunk 2 inches thru the wood and into the basement. Now directly below the toilet in the basement is a cistern with a 15 foot drop. I figured that would not be a classy way to go. So we got a new toilet, and replaced the wood to have a firm foundation for our throne. And thus it ended happily ever after.

what a story huh.

Stacy I hope you don't mind me sharing it.

here's what she won...

Interweave Knits winter 2007

stitch holders

5 dpn's

some stitch markers

a row counter

and sock yarn from knitpicks!!


sasksak said...

Thank you so much Vicki! I am thrilled to bits! What a perfect introduction to sock knitting.

Right after supper last night, I got on that scarf because I have to get that thing done, so that I can give that sock yarn a go!

Once again congrats on your 500th post. And thanks for being so generous!

knitgirl63 said...

Hi Vicki - I heard from your mitten person yesterday (11/30) and she said:

I am sending out her package tomorrow morning...just got her mittens completed. I will email Vicky tomorrow morning to let her know.

Hang in there!

Miss Me said...

congrats on 500 posts! sorry i missed the contest, but this must be why wwcs wants us to make coffee chat... wish i'd had a look sooner. a reno contest would have been perfect for me! i'm EXPERIENCED in that regard...

and i'm sure that blogless stacy was one happy knitter. : )