Friday, December 28, 2007

I survived Christmas

Chad and Christy and the little Steve man came down on the 24th...

we all had supper out at our place..

mom and dad came too...

DJ was already away for Christmas...

every second yr she goes to her other dads ....

Naiomi had so much fun with Steven!!

she hauled him around all night... the dogs barked and Steven cried...

stupid dogs!!

after everyone left and Naiomi got tired she tells me to put out cookies and milk for Santa... me I said... yup I'm tired and going to bed... she says

here's what we woke up to in the morning:

( don't look at the rest of the mess... we still haven't cleaned from doing the floors)

Santa ate the cookie leaving crumbs, drank all the milk too, hung his hat on the mantle, and left the fireplace door open.... he's getting sloppy in his old age!!

Naiomi woke up at 6:59am Christmas morning, but I told her to go back to bed for 1/2 hr... she did and at exactly 7:30 came to woke us up... usually I let the girls open their stockinge before we get outta bed, but with DJ not here I thought we should open them all together.

Santa was good to everyone....Naiomi got "streak n' style" a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CD, and a little stereo to play them on... also a matching hat and scarf from Bentley.. boy is she styling now!!

Albert scored with a Blackhawks blanket, some PJ's , a sweater, some wool socks, and a mug with elk on them.

I got a pair of jeans, some bath stuff, and a coffee grinder, with is perfect since Carol gave me some coffee beans(Mocha Java) and also some tea and a mug!

I'm going to grind some of the beans for work tomorrow!

just after we opened presents DJ phoned... (weird cuz she usually doesn't phone when she's at her other grammas) she wanted to know whatI got for xmas..

I told her and she says that all?? yep


after a bit we got ready to go to mom to open more there... Naiomi passed them out and there was one huge one left.. she's looking around, who's this one for??

Albert says it's mine


I ripped off the paper and do you know what I seen??

a box from ashford!!

rip some more... but

it was a Joy wheel!!

(Naiomi trying her out)


they didn't give any fiber with it so Albert went home to get some so I could try it out... now my Kiwi is so noisy we have to crank the TV up... and Joylene ( thats what I named her) is so quite.... hardly a whisper.. I love it!!

Remember that BSJ I made for Steven??

it was on the floor so he grabbed it and started eatting it, so I took at " I wanna try it on auntie!!"

he sure looks happy that it fits!!

Mom loves the cardi I made her too...

she took it out, asked if I made it... yeppers... asked if that was what I was knitting till 12 or 1 am some nights.. I said yes... them she startes to fold it up and was going to put it back into the bag... Whoa Nelly!!


she did but I didn't get a pic of

some random pics:

well thats about Christmas day in a nut shell....

I hope your christmas was filled with family, friends and food!


sophanne said...

Yours was the first post-holiday post I was able to read all the way through.

Paragraphs are good- thanks for sharing your Christmas in a way I could enjoy too!

sophanne said...

also... Joylene... WOO HOO!!!!

What a great present!

aksunflour said...

Awesome a spinning wheel! Congrats. Glad to hear that you had a Merry Christmas. Thank God that my family is done w/the divided Christmas custody arrangement. (One kid still has to be sent to Washington though each year).

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas! And Wow! That must have been some surprise when you opened the Joy wheel! I wish you many happy hours with Joylene!