Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thanks Deb!!

I'm doing a little swap with Deb... for the interweave knits mag... which they charge WAY to much for shipping to her...
Deb i got the invioce for the mag in the mail yesterday, so the mag shouldn't be too far behind ;)
Onto the goodies: I got yarn!!
the red is Lang Jawoll superwash
which I think might become these socks
and the blue yarn is Nizza
and is already becoming this scarf
(Cable and Lace Scarf)
( it's in the free patterns)

( 3 repeats done already,
I might actually finish this one ;))
I love this pattern in the mag... the only thing is that the mag is in german...
Which I don't know... BUT Carols'( who I work with ) hubby is from Germany and maybe if I ask nicely will help me out with the pattern... I have the chart figured out it's just the written

and this CUTE fridge magnet.... how adorable... it already has it's place on my fridge!
Thanks a bunch Deb...

I'll let you know when your pkg is sent out.

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Deb said...

send me an email. I lost your addy! :(