Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm just about done my 2nd baby surprise jacket...
this pattern is so great... LOVE it!!
I just have to pick up the sts on the second sleeve... I have to lengthen them... they look too funny short, and Stevens arms would get mighty cold if they're short.
Stevens a bit bigger than the cabbage patch kid... so he'll have loads of room to grow into it!!

I added a few mods to the pattern too... the body is the same but I added a hood, I picked up sts on the right side and purled them (I started right at the edge where the button band is) working in gater st, I decreased the first and last 2 sts of every other right side row, working the increases for the back of the hood at the same time... after the 4 decreases, the hood would be way to small for any head, so every 3 sts I increased 1 st, this I hope gave it enough to fit a bigger kids head.. it's so hard to tell since my kids arn't small any more. I didn't want a too pointy of a hat so at the top I decreased on the last 3 or 4 rows on the right side row as well. then kitchenered the rows together in garter.
needle 1 - knit... off... purl ~ needle 2 - knit... off... purl
repeat until done.

here's the seaming of the top of the arm seam
I followed her and it's worked out great!!

I only used 3 buttons... it's cute and won't have too much pucker in the belly when he wears it.

to lengthen the arm I picked up 34 sts
( next time I'll use a provisional cast on and won't have the seam on the inside)
I knit garter in the round for about 2 or 3 inches.
I also did a row of single crochet around all the openings.

I can't wait till X-mas to give it to him and see how it fits!!

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