Monday, August 20, 2007

smacking a hornets nest

My aunt uncle and cousin from Calgary came down this weekend.... always fun times!! When we were going to moms for supper Naiomi noticed this nest in the bushes about a block away from her house... we went back to check it out later... and Trevor came too....

and the hornets are the size of a small bird!!
( not really but they were BIG!!)
The girls and I were in the safety of the van taking pics of the action....
first Trev threw a stone at it , and ran like mad!!this only put a little hole in the side and pissed them off big time!

Then he got uncle AL's golf ball retreiver, wacked it at them then the end fell apart and was in the bush. He's looking for it here... the only problem was that it was about 3 feet away from the nest... he did get it without getting stung.


Run Trevor Run!

Albert came to check out the action... Trevor was nice enough to wait till Albert was close enough before he hit it with a 2X4. ;)
What a nice

( you guys better run faster)

This last time he hit it he got most of it on the ground, some were coming after him so he ran and jumped into the van.... never once got stung...
fun times !


Deb said...

LOL!! What a great adventure! It's more fun to sit in the van, take pictures, and watch the boys in action. ;o)

Just to let you know, mailed a package to you this a.m. Let me know when you get it.

aksunflour said...

And that will be talked about the rest of the summer. Nice pictures.
Hi from another KVVS tourist.