Thursday, August 23, 2007


I recently bought the Baby Surprise Jacket Pattern (shipping was only $2.50)
and had to cast on as soon as my squooshy sweater was done...
which btw is cold enough to wear ;)
I've had quite a time with it tho...
it looks easy... and is easy enough...
but the counting got to me... I even used these notes
I had to frog it a couple times because my stitch count was all out of wack?!!?

but tonight I cast off... and look how cute it is!!
Those are little car buttons that I think will look adorable on it.

When we were in the city the other day, I picked up some more varigated yarn to make one for Steven for X-mas... light browns, greens, blues and greys... it's bernat.... washable all the way for that house.. which is totally understandable.
But it's nice and soft yarn.... I bought 2 bags ( 1 lb ea)
so I should have loads left over for a hat and booties too!!

till next time...


Deb said...

Your BSJ is adorable!! And those buttons are perfect for it.
I just finished one today. Only 2 days of knitting ... easy peasy! Get this, mine is orange too! Great minds, eh! ;o)

Jane said...

That is so cute! I need more babies to knit for - they just grow up too fast.