Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pebbles Big Day

Today we got Floyd to come out to help us halter break Pebbles.... here I was stressing at work that she's going to totally freak out spitting and kicking and the whole nine yards.
it took him about 10 mins to get the halter on her and the rope!!
10 mins!!

don't get me wrong she fought it pretty hard for awhile!
then she got pissed right off and cushed down... she wouldn't get up for anything... so while Floyd pulled Albert pushed her into the barn.
she's just been laying there... pissed off.
so out came the scissors.
we took off a good garbage bag full of FIBER!!!
it's not a good job, but I'm pretty sure she was enjoying the cut as she was just about falling asleep!! didn't spit or even get up.
we'll see how good of a job I did when she gets out.
it's won't be a beauty queen but will feel so much better!
Sierra is next!!

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