Tuesday, July 03, 2007

boing! boing! boing!

Both Albert and myself had the weekend off, so we packed up the kiddies and went to the city...
we sold the old van last week so had plan to buy a tramp for the kids, it took us 3 hours to put together and they spent ~ and I kid you not ~ 8 hours off and on on it the first day!!!
Boy did they sleep good that night!! and were so sore the next day they really didn't want to even look at it... lol..

here's the sky coming home that night:
(taken out of my window)
isn't it pretty?

and about 1/2 hr later out of Naiomis' window,
I really like this pic... you can see her sleeping in the reflection.

a bird of some kind at the zoo

and a suri alpaca... there was 2 but I got only a good pic of one.
the poor guy needs a hair cut, they both did.

they have 2 white tigers there this yr for the summer from Ontario.

I get a kick out of these guys, they're so playful and funny.
and you just gotta love the little outhouse!!

there's a butterfly pavillion

and at home a bunch of spider eggs hatched.
there must be about 200 of them!!

Thanks for all the comments about my dishcloth bag... I used it saturday and it's great!
the handle is soft on my shoulder and it sits just at the right spot on my side.
love it!


noricum said...

Lovely sky photos!

Deb said...

Awesome photos!
I'll bet your kids don't know how they lived without that trampoline to entertain them, huh. :) What a great source of exercise & fun.