Sunday, June 03, 2007

Exchanges Squares and stuff

Today we had planned on going with Albert to ball, but then DJ has ball practice in the afternoon... so stayed home for that....the rodeo would of been fun tho....


I'll just show off a few things I've been working on... first off a lady in town asked me if I'd put this afghan together for her... sure... I've been a real slow poke at it... I've had it since after Christmas and have 1 1/2 squares done out of 20... they don't really take that long... it's just to get at them! It'll be cute when it's done.

some socks I was working on... the yarn is regina in the saskatchewan colorway

Wendys toe up pattern ( as usual) with feather and fan for the tops.

DJ was playing with my camera...

She took a great pic of herself...

to bad she wouldn't let me take a good one of her



I knit a lanyard for my keys.... my old one was dirty and gross... I grabbed some sock yarn cast on 5 sts on 2.75mm dpns and knit, and knit, and knit.

probally for 2.5 feet, added the key ring, sewed the ends together and tied a knot near the key ring... cute and suits a knitter way better than a store bought one...

I'm goin to make one for my International Tote Exchange Pal , in the same colors as her bag.

Wanna see the colors?? ok yeah I know you do
I'm using Jaynes AP bag pattern

I love this bag, and will make one for myself one day

and I won yarn...

Jana who is in the Knitters Coffee swap had a little contest on her blog....

she dyes all this great yarn and gives it names from TV and movie.. this contest was to guess what she had named this yarn...

Well not one of us got it right and so she picked a name out of a hat.

My name!!

don't you just love the colors??

she has some more in her etsy store.. maybe you can get some for yourself too

A new Swap allert,

this one sounds AWSOME!!

and of course I joined.

(he button is clickable)
thanks for the link Jane!!
and a contest too
(lick on the link to go there)
well I think thats all for now...
happy swapping!!

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Anonymous said...

knitting/crochet fantastic (as usual)

wool lovely..You been to my Etsy yet? ;-)

OMG has DJ grown HEAPS from the little girl in the piccie you sent me many many years ago! And she is so gorgeous! You must be proud (and beating boys away with a stick)...