Saturday, May 26, 2007

on a happier note.....

my little nephew was born !!


Steven John

7 lbs 7 ozs

21 1/2 inches

Both Steven and Christy are doing good... she had quite a long labor and some major bleeding, but is ok and recovering well!

We're going up to see them tomorrow.

I'll come back with loads of pics.

Thanks for all the sympathy over Summer... it was so hard saying that we'd leave her, and let her go that night. Probally the hardest thing I'd gone thru yet. She was such a sweet girl.

The next couple days was hard, as everytime I went out there Pebbles would make a noise like "ok you had my baby before, where is she now?"... that was tough... I cried every time I went out there, I went into the barn where they were and pebbles comes in and comes right up to me and gives me this big look and then sniffs the spot where Summer was, well I lost it again.

It's ok now tho, I know she's not suffering anymore.

till next time


noricum said...

That's so sad!!! Do you know why it happened? I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Summer. :(

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your nephew...

Hugs to you hun..I hope the pain gets better day by day. I know loss of a pet is hard.