Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what a day....

It all started around 8 am, I looked in the barn and Summer was laying there, not cuddled up but all spralled out... I go out there to see, and she is cold... REALLY cold... just about stiff...not breathing.. much...( Really I thought she was gone at first) I carry her into the house wrap her in a blanket and call Tricia... good thing she knew what to do... submerse her in a tub of warm water we did that for about a hour changing the water making sure it was warm the whole time.. she started breathing better and started stretching and gave us a couple of full body shakes... she was warming up... we took her out wrapped her in a blanket again, grabbed about 8 towels off the shelf and started to dry her.. also got the hair dryer too to speed things up... this took at least 2 hours.... in the mean time I'm on the phone calling just about everyone in the country ( or so it seemed) I ended up talking to a Lady Named Polly who has alpacas and told me some things to try... Tricia also told me to find some lambs or goats milk... one of the farmers in town had some and thankfully my mom was able to take off of work and go and get it... she also brought her bf Andy with her who had/has a farm and knows what to do with animals.

Polly said once she's warm and has had some of the lambs milk to seperate her and Pebbles in the barn alone together... to try and see if she would nurse... so after a long while and bring Summer back inside once I finally got Pebbles into the barn with Summer ( cute sweater huh)

While in here I keep typing I but my daughter DJ stayed home from school to help out and was great, I wouldn't of been able to do it with out her thats for sure.Naiomi was here until mom went back to work then took her to school. So it's now 3:22 in the afternoon, Summer is out there with Pebbles holding her own head up and Pebbles is sniffing her and doing the mother thing.... we are going to keep giving her some of the lambs milk just to make sure that she's getting something and so she can get enough energy so she can stand and nurse on her own.

What a day.. I'm burnt... DJ is too....
I hope things are going to be ok.

I HUGE THANK YOU to Tricia, Floyd, Polly and the vet in Kelvington and esp DJ and Naiomi who helped out the most!! You all helped save our baby paca!
I owe you one!


Anonymous said...

I hope summer imporves real soon and grows healthy and strong.


sasksak said...

Oh no!!! What a close call, thank goodness you were able to react so quickly!

sasksak said...

sorry that was me...stacey