Saturday, May 19, 2007

New York Yarn flowers and Summer

Mom won a trip to New York last yr... this week she went, she asked what I wanted... "yarn"
ok come on did she really have to ask???lol she bought me some trekking #36... LOVE the colors!! and she got me this neato keychain.

want a closer look?:
it's kinda blurry from the flash, but it says New York up the side.
The girls and Alb got one too, plus they got hats and the girls got some t-shirts too.
While we were cleaning up the back yard, DJ found these tiny little flowers.. to give you a clue on how tiny those leaves there are about 1 1/2 inches across, the flowers are a pretty dusty rose color with a darker red center.

and a little alpaca lovin:

"mamma I love you"
She is such a sweet little girl... I wish I could bring her in the house and keep her small forever!
Pebbles is being a great mom, always looking out for Summer, and watching where she is.
She's been quite the show stopper out here as well... everyone is stopping by to check her out.
I haven't done hardly any knitting lately.. I have a sock at the heal turning point, but it's been at that point for about a week now, and spinning... nope... I guess there too much outside stuff to get done... oh well winter will be back again sooner than we want and I can get into the groove and knit my heart out!
Till next time...

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