Monday, April 09, 2007

yarn and grannys buttons

Here's a better close up of the spun yarn...
nice huh??
the colors are pretty close.. there is a tad bit more red in it tho.

and on the telescope.
nicely balanced.

Yesterday we went to Ann & Mitchs' for easter supper, I got these:


and more buttons!!

these are the ones I love, there are lots of the plain little white ones that everyone has...
but these ones used to be Alberts grannies buttons.. an you just imagine how old some of them are?

some have been so worn that the ends are pretty tattered and the holes are just about all the way through touching each other.
so cool, I hate to even use them.. I just added them to my collection and will admire them, until I find the perfect project for them!


Kim said...


Thanks for dropping by our blog...

I LOVE those and my sister Kristeen love buttons lol!...My other sister Karen is a spinner as well, she just finished up spinning some roving from's gorgeous...I'll get her to post a pic of it!!...


Anonymous said...

i remember going through all my nans buttons. When she died my mum and her sister halved them up...She use to have a tin of them. I loved playig with them. Brings back memories..

still loving that wool


noricum said...

Lovely yarn, and great buttons! (I *love* buttons!)

Plain Jane said...

I recognize some of those button styles (if not the colors) from my Grandmother's button box - a Dutch Master's cigar box that I have now. I haven't used many of the buttons because I love to sort through them too much to break up sets.